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ALBIT – device which will amaze you …

Albit was designed as a simple and effective ultrasound scanner for general imaging as well as for specific diagnostic applications, featuring the best relation between quality, effectiveness and the price.

In veterinary medicine, ALBIT is a modern, easy-to-use, specialized ultrasound scanner that constitutes an indispensable tool for examination of small animals

High-quality imaging supported with Color and Power Doppler functions provides a wide range of diagnostic opportunities.

Albit interface based on touch-screen technology  makes it friendly and very easy to use. Unique and smart remote controller superbly improving working performance.

A unique feature of the ALBIT scanner is also its adaptation to stationary work (a table), mobile work (a cart) or wall-fastening. The possibility to fasten the scanner using a comfortable wall bracket is a highly practical solution that facilitates ultrasonic examination, especially in veterinary surgeries.

For users who prefer more traditional operating solution  (as an option) special keyboard with trackball and silicone keys plus classic alphanumeric keyboard is offered. Please see photos in our gallery. Operator can use both methods touch-screen and classic one simultaneously.



  • User friendly and easy control using a touch screen. The touch screen in the case of an ultrasound scanner provides several exceptional properties unavailable in classic devices, e.g.

1. A possibility to operate, control, measure, etc. even if the person’s hands/gloves are contaminated (with gel, blood, etc.). The touchscreen can be operated not only with fingers, but also using the enclosed stylus. The stylus constitutes sufficient hygienic separation that inhibits no function or capability.

 2. Instant measurement. Measurements are performed by touching/indicating points on an image. For example, the measurement of three distances on an image consists in indicating/touching six points on the screen – the duration of the measurement ranges from 4 to 6 seconds. Unachievable using a trackball…

  • Smart Color Doppler system
  • Unique and useful  remote BT controller
  • Scanning depth: 2 ..14 cm
  • Presentations: 2D, B+B, ZOOM; 2D+M; 2D+CF (Color Flow); 2D+PF (Power Flow); 2D+CF/2D; 2D+PW, 2D+CF/PW
  • Cineloop memory up to 1024 images
  • Full HD 15.6” LCD Touch Screen monitor
  • Screen resolution: 1080 x 1920
  • Greyscale: 256 shades of grey
  • Image filters – processing
  • Large memory capacity for archiving images (built-in HDD)
  • Storing images in formats: bmp, jpg, dcm, avi
  • Mounting systems: mobile stand, stationary support


  • Distance: six (6) independent pairs of cursor
  • Volume, area and circumference (ellipse, trace, 3-axis method)
  • Angles
  • M-Mode
    • Fast  AOD, LA, IVS, RVEDD, DEAmpl measurements
    • Calculations of time, velocity, amplitude, Heart Rate
    • LV -left ventricle parameters measurements : EDV, ESV,  SV, EF, CO, FS
  • PW – Mode
    • Automatic measurements (auto-trace): PSV, EDV, TAM, RI, PI, S/D
    • Heart Rate HR in PW-mode
    • Velocity, time interval, acceleration
    • Maximum (Max PG) and mean (Mean PG) pressure gradients
    • Pulsatility index (PI) and resistance index(PI) measurements
    • Coefficient  A/B and the mitral valve E/A calculation
    • The mitral valve area (MVA) and the pressure gradient half-time (PHT) measurement
  • GA –  biometric tables for cats:

    – Body Diameter-BD,
    – Head Diameter-HD,

  •  GA –  biometric tables for dogs:

    – Body Diameter-BD,
    – Head Diameter-HD,
    – Crown Rump Length-CRL,
    Gestation Sac Diameter -GSD

Mini controller

Unique and useful BT remote controller for basic operation from a distance provides hand held easily operation especially useful in surgery, treatment room, emergency room as well as standard ultrasound exams.

Dimensions and weigth:

  • 260 mm (W) x 430 mm (H) x 98 mm (D);
  • ca 5,4 kg (without trolley)

The roll-stand

The roll-stand is a simple mobile solution, offering the possibility to easily move the system through clinical operation or treatment sites. Adjustable height makes roll-stand more efficient and useful complement of the system.

Power supply:

  • Power supply: AC 100/240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption: max 90 VA


e - Brochure vet
e - Brochure vet
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