EPIDOT SC -portable, Color Doppler


EPIDOT SC (model Touch Screen) is a smart, versatile and up-to-date portable ultrasound scanner for general and specialized diagnostic practice.
Easy and extremely friendly to operate and carry. Compact and portable system with integrated probes storage space. Power supply from an internal long-lasting battery or mains power supply. Features predetermine this device to be used in all possible areas/environments from hospital wards, emergency rooms via private clinics to outdoor’s places.

Diagnostics features especially full Doppler option, places  EPIDOT scanner to be sophisticated device for examinations  and supervision purposes.

Special features:

Special remote-wired-controller  significantly improves work performance and provides convenient operation.


EPIDOT user interface based on touch screen technology makes operation easy and user-friendly.
The touch screen can be operated not only with fingers, but also using the enclosed stylus to keep it clean.


Main application list:

×  General of Abdomen      ×  Ob/Gyn            ×  Endocrinology
×  Vascular (Surgery)         ×  Urology            ×  Proctology (Colorectal)
×  Orthopedics                    ×  Basic Cardiac Screening




  • User-friendly touch screen operation and truly intuitive user interface reduces time for learning and operating
  • Excellent  image  quality achieved by advanced  digital image processing technology (SRT, THV etc)
  • Multi-frequency probes (2-17 MHz) supported by multiple operating modes,
    i.e. B, M, PW Doppler, Color Doppler, Power Doppler
  • Compact and portable system with integrated probes storage space – excellent protection during carrying
  • 15,6″ Full HD  flat LCD monitor with the Touch-Screen
  • Icon-based graphical user interface via touch screen
  • EPIDOT user interface color customization possibility
  • 2D, B+B, 4B,  Zoom ; M, 2D+M
  • Pulse Wave Doppler:  2D+PW
  • Color Doppler: 2D+CF, 2D+ PF
  • Dual: 2D+CF/2D,  2D+PD/2D
  • 2D+CF+PW, 2D+PF+PW
  • 3D mode (option)
  • Audio signal  reproducing of the Doppler blood flow
  • Biopsy mode (option)
  • Scanning depth: 1,5 ..31 cm (depends on the probe)
  • Scanning angle: up 360° (depends on the probe)
  • External keyboard (option)
  • Battery operation mode
  • Cineloop- 1530 images
  • Panoramic zoom in real-time and freeze modes
  • Multiple data image recording options (HDD, USB, option-CD/DVD)
  • Storing images in formats: bmp, jpg, dcm, avi.


  • Distance: 9 independent pairs of cursor (fast and normal mode)
  • Volume, Area (Ellipse, Trace, 3-Axis method)
  • % Stenosis (diameter or area)
  • Angles measurements
  • Urological measurements

Obstetrical general measurements:

  • GA and EDD using BPD, CRL, FL, GS, AC, HC (factory preset  and a user-modifiable table)
  • GA and EDD based on LMP
  • Nuchal Translucency (NT), Nasal Bone (NB), Yolk Sac (YS)

M –Mode

  • Calculations of time, velocity, amplitude, heart rate
  • Fast measurements of AOD, LA, IVS, RVEDD, DEAmpl
  • LV measurement calculation: EDV, ESV,  SV, EF, FS,CO

PW – Mode

  • Automatic measurements (auto-trace): PSV, EDV, TAM, RI, PI, S/D
  • HR in PW-mode
  • Volume Flow ( TAMEAN and Vessel Area)
  • Velocity, Time interval, Acceleration
  • Maximum (Max PG) and mean (Mean PG) pressure gradients
  • Pulsatility Index (PI) and Resistivity Index (RI) measurements
  • A/B Ratio and the mitral valve E/A calculation


  • Power supply from an internal long-lasting battery or mains power supply
  • Mains power AC :

    –  input:  100- 250 V AC  50/60Hz / 110VA

  • Internal  battery:
    –  battery module  Li-Ion
    –  working time on batteries ca 3 hours
    –  quick charging of batteries even while the device is in operation
    –  monitoring the battery status and charging progress
    –  power consumption  (battery supply) : ca 42 W

Electrical safety standards:
–  Medical device Class IIa comply with MDD 93/42 EEC
–  Safety regulations: complies with Class I  of EN/IEC 60601-1


Special smart and ergonomic remote-wired-controller truly improves work performance and provides convenient operation. Remote controller makes it possible to operate ultrasound i.e. its basic functions from a certain distance, which is especially useful in emergency and treatment rooms as well as during standard ultrasound exams.


  • 45 cm  x  34cm  x 11 cm ;
  • ca. 9 kg – depends on configuration

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