SPINEL II – classic Color Doppler


Friendly  and  Useful  SPINEL II

The  scanner SPINEL II  (Touch Screen technology)  is a high-performance, up-to-date, and universal ultrasound system with a wide range of diagnostic applications.
Modern architecture and flexible configurations designate SPINEL II  to be programmable and adaptable for specific diagnostic requirements. Powerful Color, Power and Spectral Doppler technology, high quality and high resolution of tissue visualization provide maximum productivity and diagnostic accuracy.

The SPINEL II  ultrasound multipurpose system – recommended for a wide range of applications:

  • General – abdominal
  • OB/GYN – supported with Doppler modes
  • Urology (incl. prostate and testicles exams)
  • Proctology (colorectal surgery)
  • Pediatrics
  • Vascular ( surgery, access etc)
  • Endocrinology , Oncology
  • Musculoskeletal, Orthopedics, Rehabilitation
  • and much more…

Special feature:
Intuitive and simple user interface  based on twofold truly unique system:  touch screen technology (Full HD panoramic LED  21,5” monitor) and   functional Desktop plus Alphanumeric Keyboard on drawer system.



  • Intuitive and simple user interface – twofold truly unique system:

    – touch screen – all functions accessible via Icon-based Graphical User Interface
    – classic, functional Desktop plus Alphanumeric Keyboard on drawer system.

  • Multi-operating diagnostic modes :2D, B+B, 4B, ZOOM, M, 2D+M.  2D+PW (Pulse Wave Doppler ;Color Doppler: 2D+CF (Color Flow); 2D+ PF (Power Flow); dual:2D+CF/2D,  2D+PD/2D; 2D+CF/PF+PW

  • Multi-frequency ultrasound probes from 2 to 17 MHz

  • Scanning depth: 1.5 – 31 cm (depends on the probe)

  • Scanning angle: up to 360° (depends on the probe)

  • Digital image filtering ; harmonic imaging THV

  • Audio signal  reproducing of the Doppler blood flow
  • Excellent image quality supported by digital signal processing multicore processors

  • ESR – Enhanced Speckle Reduction

  • High-quality, full HD high resolution 21,5” flat-panel, panoramic LED monitor (1920 x 1080)
  • Automatic dynamic adjustment of the receiver frequencies and filtering
  • Cine-loop memory ( up to 1535 images)
  • Panoramic zoom in real-time and freeze modes
  • Multiple data image recording options (HDD, USB, CD/DVD -optional)
  • Biopsy mode (option)
  • User interface color customization possibility
  • Easy arrangement with extra monitor (optional the second patient monitor)
  • DICOM 3.0 Store, Print, Worklist (optional)
  • 3D mode (optional)
  • The system can be easily adapted to specific user diagnostic requirements

3D Mode (option)

The 3D digital models of internal organs  are especially applicable in the medical fields of gynecology and obstetrics as well as internal medicine, urology, surgery and orthopedics.
ALBIT system  in  3D mode uses free-hand  techniques without position sensor (fan or linear method). Real-time 3D reconstruction  after a free-hand acquisition  is performed in two ways:   Surface reconstruction and Transparency rendering. Surface reconstruction  basically  is used to visualize the foetus in obstetric applications.  Transparency rendering  (MIP – Maximum / Minimum Intensity Projection)  is used in other applications and demonstrates imaging planes not accessible with normal scanning techniques.


2D-Mode general measurements:

  •  Distance: nine ( 9 ) independent pairs of cursor
  •  Volume, area and circumference (ellipse, trace, 3-axis methods)
  •  Angles

2D-Mode  special measurements:

  • Thyroid gland volume with 3-axis method
  • Bladder volume and  differential of the volume with 3–axis method
  • LV Fractional Shortening
  • Predicted PSA (pPSA)  and density  PSDA


  •  First Trimester  assessment and  measurements
    •  Nuchal  Translucency (NT),
    •  Nasal  Bone (NB),
    •  Facial  Angle (FA)
    •  Ductus Venosus  waveform (DV)
    •  Fetal Tricuspid Valve flow (TV)
  • Obstetrical general measurements
    • GA and EDD using BPD, CRL, FL, GS, AC, HC (factory preset  and a user-modifiable table; mean of three measurements)
    • HC/AC, FL/BPD, FL/AC relationships
    • Foetus weight EFBW (AC /BPD  and AC/FL)
    • GA and EDD based on LMP
    • Nuchal Translucency (NT), Nasal Bone (NB), Yolk Sac (YS)
    • Determination of  Amniotic Fluid Index AFI:

M –Mode

  • Calculations of time, velocity, amplitude, heart rate
  • Fast measurements of AOD, LA, RVED, DE_Amp, IVS, PW
  • LV measurement calculation: EDV, ESV, CO, SV, EF,FS

PW – Mode

  • Automatic measures (auto trace): PSV, EDV, TAM , RI, PI, S/D
  • Velocity, time interval, acceleration
  • HR ,PHT, MVA, S/D
  • Maximum (Max PG) and mean (Mean PG) pressure gradients
  • Pulsatility Index (PI) and Resistivity Index (RI) measurements

Power supply

• Power supply: AC 100/240 V, 50/60 Hz
• Power consumption:~120 VA

  Electrical safety standards:
–  Medical device Class IIa comply with MDD 93/42 EEC
–  Safety regulations: complies with Class I devices of EN/IEC 60601-1

Dimensions and weight

  • 440 mm x 595 mm  x 1230 mm;
  • ca ~25 kg (with  monitor & trolley)

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SPINEL e-Brochure
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